Switzerland Europ Assistance

RV and camper re assistance

A problem on the road: we're at your side to help you!    

We can't choose the circumstances of an accident, breakdown or health problems.

Europ Assistance is available if you need anything in the event of an incident giving you:

  • Travel assistance to help you and your passengers;
  • Vehicle support to take care of your RV following its immobilization.

Assistance services are provided 24/7 by a specialized department, expert in the matter.

The vehicle support

Under all circumstances, Europ Assistance will accompany you to guarantee you the serenity of a trouble-free trip. With Yescapa, all rentals made with a Swiss-registered vehicle benefit from La Vaudoise multi-risk rental insurance, including assistance and breakdown services. Europ Assistance is available on simple call to assist you in the event of a breakdown, flat tire, fire, theft or loss of the keys of the motor home or converted van.

Where and when can I use Europ Assistance?

Europ Assistance intervenes 24/7 as soon as the vehicle is on hire throughout Switzerland and Europe (list of covered countries). You'll benefit from breakdown assistance with a no minimum distance excess, to help you in the event of a breakdown.

The main guarantees of Europ Assistance

In the event of immobilization of the vehicle in Switzerland or abroad, Europ Assistance organizes:

  • Towing of your vehicle to the nearest relevant garage;      
  • Accommodation of the occupants while awaiting repair;
  • Repatriation of renters;
  • Repatriation of luggage;
  • The cost of surveillance;
  • Shipping of parts.

For the sick or injured, in Switzerland or in Europe, Europ Assistance offers:

  • The medical evacuation if necessary
  • If the beneficiary is not transportable, the accompanying person will wait on-site if the immobilization is less than 7 days. If longer than 7 days, Europ Assistance will cover a round trip of a family member;
  • Medical expenses and hospitalisation abroad (in addition to the benefits payable by social agencies and to a limit of €80,000)
  • Resource and shipment of medicine and prostheses required for the patient's health;

Set out stress-free and well looked after thanks to these services!