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August 2021

This couldn't have gone better! Everything was catered for, to the smallest detail. There's an excellent space at the back of the camper which I've never seen in another camper. It allows you to keep your bags and anything else away from the sleeping area which is something I will look for in future hires. Fatima was extremely helpful and we had a a comprehensive run down of all the fixtures and fittings. We didn't have an electrical hook up, however the leisure battery coped really well. Amazingly there's a solar panel which charges the battery also (as well as directly from the engine when it's running). you could definitely go off grid in Nellie! the beds were comfy and my daughter made a little den in the upper bed. The awning was also really good, it was huge, so you can extend your living space if you wanted, put up some lights and make a really nice area. Once we were settled, we turned the front seats round and made a real home from home. It's long wheel base van with a high top, however I had no issues driving it what so ever, it felt and drove like a slightly longer car, it didn't feel heavy or sluggish. I would thoroughly reommend this hire, just not when I want it.