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August 2020

Very nice couple who took great care of Red 5.  Highly recommended.

Average note:

August 2020

First class!

My wife and I recently got married and had the pleasure of touring this vehicle around some highlights of the NC500!

Collection: Andy's address is easy to find and was ready waiting for us. He committed to spending nearly an hour to explain how to work the van, which proved super useful, especially when out in some of the most North Western points of Scotland. Andy also obliged in giving a few site recommendations and walked through a couple of "what if's", which helped ease any anxiety into our first campervan experience.

The drive: The van albeit relatively old in comparison to some of the new flashy VW models you see driving around, was so easy to drive and handled all the tricky one lane, steep gradient roads perfectly, and sat at 70 no bother on the dual carriageway!

The pitch: Set up was easy and adapted nicely to your traditional site with a hard ground and going off road amongst those wild beaches up north. Cables, leisure battery etc all previously explained.

The sleep: I am 6ft 3 and found I slept just fine in the Rock n Roll bed on the ground floor. Was a tad too long for the pop up, but glad I tried it out, and was a useful test for when we go to buy our own

Cooking and leisure: Everything was very simple inside and we managed to eat all the normal meals and have our morning coffee, just as we would living in the city. All the utensils were provided and made the evening time that much more enjoyable and relaxing

Handover: Was very quick and painless and Andy also obliged with some useful tips when we go to buy our own camper. It’s very rare to have a seasoned Camper offer two cents, when you live in the city like we do.

Overall very happy and would absolutely urge those on the fence, to take the plunge as we did and enjoy Andy's van and see more of Scotland!

Jim and Marie