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August 2019
Excellent couple, shared alot of our interests so we were able to help and suggest things to do. Took good care of Betty in their time. Handed her back swept out and clean. Ideal customers, good people
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August 2019

For summer 2019, me and my wife wanted to visit different parts of Scotland and our dream was to do that by the wonderful way of camping in a van. 

This was our first experience with the yescapa service. When we found Will's campervan Betty and made the reservation, Will contacted us for some basic information about us and then asked if there is anything that he could provide for us for our trip (we were flying overseas and had limited baggage). He also asked if we needed any help with the planning of our trip and we were more than happy to use the help. I must say that he was super helpful and knowledgeable and pointed us to many beautiful places that we would otherwise have not seen (in particular, the Isle of Mull, it was amazing!).


We started our vacation in Edinburgh and then travelled to Glasgow, and Will offered to pick us up from the center so that we would not have to travel with our baggage to his place. Also, he was thoughtful enough to take us outside of the city center, so we could do some shopping in the big supermarket and didn't have to start of experience with the left-hand traffic in the very center of Glasgow, which would be pretty stressful.


Will used the big parking by the supermarket to show us all the imported features of his van. What we've noticed from the start was that the van was super clean and looked-after. It also had all the features mentioned in the ad.


The van is very comfortable, the engine and all the instruments work perfectly. Driving around twisty parts of Scotland was no sweat for Betty. The ride is smooth and quiet and the seats are very comfy, even after a few-hours trip.


It has a great double stove with brand new pottery and cooking in this van is a pleasure. All plates and cups are made from hard plastic so there's no risk of breaking.


The backseat is very easy convertible to bed which is comfy for two people. The sleeping bag was brand new and perfect for the weather we had (from 8-15 C during the night), we didn't have to turn the internal heater (which this car is equipped with, btw) once.


The pop-top roof is very fast to open and close and is rain proof.


All the small compartments are well made and useful. The van has everything you might need when camping, there is even a small 240V vacuum cleaner which was very handy for cleaning the carpet inside.


During the trip, Will contacted us to ask if everything was OK and if we needed anything. After the trip Will asked if there is anything that we missed or that was not provided but we sincerely couldn't come up with anything.


So, to sum up, we highly recommend Will and his van Betty - he's a great guy and she's a great ride :)