What happens in case of breakdown or accident ?

In the event of a breakdown immobilizing the vehicle, the dedicated assistance will rectify the situation.
The renter will initially have to contact the breakdown number; the contact details are noted on the certificate.
The vehicle will then be towed/driven to the closest garage. The renter must inform Yescapa and the owner for their approval before any repairs take place. The renter will then have the choice either to wait until the vehicle is fixed and to continue their trip, or to be accommodated by the breakdown policy.

In case of an at-fault accident or without an identified third-party, you will have to send us an email to contact@yescapa.co.uk :

  • A copy of the rental contact ;
  • A copy of the inventory of fixtures form ;
  • Eventually a quote of all the equipment that has to be fixed ;
  • A detailed statement explaining how the accident happened.

These documents will allow us to file a claim. We will keep you updated regularly about the progression of the situation.

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