What does Yescapa charge for?

The price for every vehicle on the site will include :

  • The price of the comprehensive insurance and of the 24/7 assistance 
  • The payment to the owner for renting out their vehicle 
  • Yescapa's service fees

The price of insurance will vary slightly depending on which country you are renting in. The average insurance price is currently €12 per day of rental.

The owner will receive 85% of the remaining amount of the rental price.

Yescapa's service fees represent 15% of the rental price (Not including insurance costs). These service fees allow us to cover administrative costs and provide support before, during and after your rental.


If you wish to rent a motorhome from the 28th of March until the 4th of April. This will require 8 days of insurance.

The price of the rental is €700 including tax.

The price is calculated as follows :

Comprehensive Insurance : €96(€12/d x 8 days)

Payment to the owner : €513.40(85% of €604)

Service fees : €90.60 (15% of €604)