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Our partner Tranquilidade is one of the most renowned insurer in Portugal. We collaborate with them in order to guarantee comprehensive cover during your RV or camper rentall.

  • A comprehensive insurance for any vehicles rented from Portugal ;
  • Full comprehensive cover in case there is damage to the vehicle, fire, theft, glass breakage and a complete 24/7 assistance in case of breakdown or incident.


Here are the garantees, for a stress-free holiday:

  • Civil liability of 50,000
  • 24/7 travel assistance ;
  • Legal aid ;
  • Shock, collision or knock down (up to €75,000) ;
  • Theft (up to €75,000)
  • Fire, storm or explosion (up to €75,000) ;
  • Natural disasters (up to €75,000) ;
  • Acts of vandalism (up to €75,000) ;
  • Personal injury to the driver (up to €250) ;
  • Breach of trust ;
  • Glass breakage (up to €1000).

Excess rates

The excess is a set amount and is to be paid by the renter in the event of an accident. Independently from the excess, any third party injury will be compensated for any damage suffered.

  • Excess for shock, collision or knock down, theft, fire, strong winds or explosion, natural disasters, vandalism : €1,250 ;
  • Glass breakage excess (if replacement): €50.


  • Must be over 25 ;
  • Have a valid driving licence for more than three years ;
  • To have held vehicle insurance (2 or 4 wheels) for at least 3 years ;
  • Must not have had any claims with aggravating circumstances in the past 3 years.


Cover is forfeited for private/recreational travel, excluding any expensive transport of persons and/or goods. The following trips are authorized:

  • Europe: Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Andorra, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria.